• Jamie Staples

Slumkadet - 'Tell Me'

With his second official release, Slumkadet infuses World Music with Alternative R&B on the Trap style banger Tell Me.

Fresh out the gate, the British Tamil singer delivers a reflective track recalling relationship troubles. Tell Me shows vulnerability and honesty in the rawest form.

Gliding over trap drums and a heavy synth pad - produced with Zeeapour and engineer Alex Evans, Slumkadet present's the idea of toxicity from both sides.

"Tell Me for me is a song that is a reflection on a toxic relationship so I kind of wrote it in two perspectives.

Opening with whirling falsetto harmonies, he sustains these harmonies throughout, following the tracks high's and lows' effortlessly. Slumkadet grew up in a Sri Lankan-Tamilian household, he cites A.R. Rahman as an influence on him musically at a young age, recalling the Soundtrack to the movie Boys as his first ever CD.

Infusing Carnatic style vocals with this Trap style beat creates so much sonic depth to the track, providing the song an extra layer of texture. Slumkadet's first release, 2020's Maze set the Artist up for what's to come. Outside of releases however - he's been working behind the scenes with some big industry names, readying his solo work.

The video for Tell Me (directed by Byond Collective) is out now. His upcoming EP will be released soon.

For more music check out his Spotify:

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