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Desta French - 'Bendecida': A Bilingual Artist Long-Overdue

Ahead of her first headline show at London's Jazz Cafe, the Colombian-Italian songwriter shares the genre bending tropical bop, Bendecida through Unity Records.

Check out the new release here:

Desta French has caught the ears of many listeners looking out for the long overdue multilingualism in the UK music scene. Over the course of the past year she's released six new singles and her first mixtape offering, San Lazarus. Forging her own sound of UK Latin R&B, her drive is more and more apparent as an Artist.

In the UK bilingual tracks are few and far between, there has always been a massive lack of music for both language learners and natives of mixed origins as an audience. Airplay for multilingual tracks is close to non-existent - whereby European Countries trade artists, and the Reggaeton wave climbs the Billboard Hot 100/200 - the UK music market remains stagnent.

Now more than ever artists like French should be applauded for their bi-lingual music offerings, as much as multiculturalism is in the UK. Bendecida opens with heavy 808's and orchestral strings, falling into a groovy beat that nods to Colmbian folk. The track's bright instrumental is reflected in French's care free lyricism, with sprinkles of Spanglish throughout. Gliding with an array of harmonies and the tropical melody of the track, French provides a great taste of what's to come for her.

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