• Jamie Staples

La Zowi, Albany & Pipo Beats - 'Sugar Mami'

Two of Spains most prominent Trap Artist's have joined forces on a song straight ready for the summer, 'Sugar Mami'.

This is La Zowi and Albany's second collaboration, following the track 'Si Te Pillo' from La Zowi's 'Ama De Casa' tape, however here they have equal parts on the track. The collaboration has been highly anticipated and the pair did not disappoint.

The beat - provided by Pipo Beats - is hard hitting yet simple. A tuned synth lead following a dynamic almost reggaeton/808 infused drum pattern, with space for both artists to explore the idea of being a 'Sugar Mami', in reference to the rise of 'Daddy' culture in the trap sphere. Both artist's push their pen on their respective verses, taking the feminist stance of not needing a man to build themselves up - succeeding without the papi figure.

The eccentric video furthers this, filled with high fashion, luxe aesthetic and hommages to Spains culture.

Watch the video here:

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