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Songs To Think To Playlist Update [29.12.2020]

As the year comes to an end, I'm thinking more about the premise of Artistry.

I've always loved the discovery aspect of being a music fan, it is something truly special. You don't have to know anything about an Artist to be able to like their music, but the way the industry has shifted in last year or so has truly shown that Labels love branding as much as they love marketing.

Why do we buy Coca-Cola instead of Pepsi? it's all due to branding, we know they taste exactly the same, but the brand of Coca-Cola is to tell us that not only is it the original cola, but that's it's best Cola. In our current climate we don't have time to trial something anymore and unfortunately, this goes for music. In the streaming era we are drip fed releases through Today's Top Hits and the Charts now more than ever. Anything less than 1k streams? No ones interested. Album Art made on Paint? Nope. A bad mix? Not worth listening to.

It's these things that lead Artist's to believe that they're not good enough. If no ones listening to me then why should I carry on? But it really only takes one share, one TikTok and one phone call for that A&R to discover the artist. My hope for 2021 is for people to learn to appreciate art the way it's presented to us. No one has the funds to create a Dua Lipa size campaign with 100 remixes a Miley Cyrus feature and a suspicious amount of radio add's for a sophomore album.

Here are some raw talented artists to support:

Jayahadadream - All The Way Up

One of my favourite poets Jayahadadream has followed up a string of heavy-hitting singles and collaborations with the likes of UK veteran producer Carns Hill, with 'All The Way Up'. Aside from the heavy grind musically, Jaya graduated this year with a first class honours degree and has been a fundamental part in working with community organisations to uplift black youth.

Over the 3min lo-fi track Jaya's clever wordplay sits confidently over the mix, delivering bar after bar, switching up her flow almost three times per verse. The beat (Produced by Jaya and Roy Matz) compliments her rather than the other way round, with space for her strongest ad-lib performance yet, with undeniable impact.

Her next EP is promised 2021.

Freddy O'Kelly - Apocalipsis 22

I found the album Chulo by Freddy O'Kelly through a sample-chain and ended up playing through the whole thing about 6 times. With a heavy back catalogue, there's something really special about this tape in particular. The first half of the project introduces us with blissful guitars, bright plucks and lo-fi beats. As you listen deeper O'kelly seamlessly infuses this with Trap and Reggaeton. The span of genres still seem to hold up consistently and on Apocalipsis 22 Freddy uses the space of the keys to his advantage. Where all too often artists rush their delivery, Freddy proves the luxury in minimalism.

His newest project, a collaboration with other Spanish artists ForyFive and Lao, 'Los Baby La Mixtape' is out now.

John Alone - Sunday

John Alone (Fka. Wiley Coyote) pours out his heart on this ballad. The cinematic production (from timpani's swirling keys and cymbals), backs a statement of infatuation. The chorus incorporates a seductive sleekness that is hard to pull off - but the result is an irresistible slow jam that is rare to come by these days.

There's definitely a timeless feel about the track itself for sure.

Spanish Blue is out everywhere now.

Tange Lomax - PLACES TO GO

Sometimes you stumble on an Artist so amazing you really don't want to share. Last night I came across Tange Lomax and her incredible new album 'Journey' and I thought about keeping this album for myself, just to watch how it would blow up. A North Carolina native, she's spent some time in the game. The variance in her flow can only be described as someone who has been through something and come out the strongest. Each line seems to get stronger and stronger, with the vision perfectly executed on this track.

The smooth track is definitely a stand out on the project, but it's for sure worth listening to the full album to really comprehend how the track plays out across the full project.

As always the full Playlist is available to stream on Spotify here:

Next Tuesday will be the first Playlist round-up of 2021, so make sure to check back for some more unheard music.

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