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Songs To Think To Playlist Update [25.01.2021]

This week, Songs To Think To features an eclectic group of Artists, rather somber than usual; but isn't that what chill-out music should be? Too often tracks become overbearing in their state of happiness and life is great propaganda. Agreed, there are some amazing advantages to listening to happy music, but for most - music provides a space where we can cry and feel sorry for ourselves unapologetically.

As much as music is about relief for the artist, there is also something beautiful provided for the listener of such tracks - solace. In the depths of pain our brain feels soothed to know that we are not alone in our own struggles. The lyrics, the vocals offer that voice of comfort.

Here are the newest additions to the Songs To Think To Playlist:

Lyhre - Gently Brutal

Lyhre is a multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin. The end of 2020 saw the release of her incredible debut EP, Sad Cyborg. The premise of the EP is to explore the grounds in which we limit ourselves, invisioning the cyborg as a post-gender figure for the future. An image with ties to dystopian-ism and cyber punk, the project is perfectly crafted. Vocal delivery, instrumental exploration and arrangement all perfectly fall in to place among the 4 tracks.

The beautiful melancholy of the song Gently Brutal is an incredible highlight. Sonically paralleling the songs of Lykke Li's debut album Youth Novels - mixed with Bladerunner style synths. Lyhre creates space through these softer elements of sound, the vocals however bring the true force of power. The distinct tone and style redefine the term sad as something deeper, the sorrow displayed is that of a feeling of nihilism. A work of art.

Sad Cyborg is available for purchase here.

Thayo Blue - Love You, Leave You

On Love You, Leave You Toronto native Thayo Blue pours his heart out over a skippy lo-fi beat. It's incredibly difficult to make Hi-hat's sound as lush as this track offers, but something about the soft vintage keys that fall softly underneath give the track a calmer air. As if you were wandering through Paris streets on a rainy day. The close vocals speak about a pain of losing a lover, the amalgamation of lounge singer vibes and heartbreak on this track provide a truer sense of Lo-Fi.

Taken from the project Boy in a Dream, out now.

Charlie Houston - Calls

I came across this track via the Spotify Algorithm. I've watched this track gain thousands of plays a day, slowly but surely reaching the ears of 100k listeners. The simplistic style of Calls just works. No fancy production - as is the way of so many debut songs. Here the 19 year old sets out with an amazing team with a great track about calling an ex.

The simple guitar riff allows Houston to work around the track's structure, casually addressing the topics that are relatable to young people, troubles and problems faced.

Her debut EP, I Hate Spring will be released on April 23.

Luke De-Sciscio - A Pool Beneath the Stars

With A Pool Beneath the Stars UK singer-songwriter Luke De-Sciscio breezes through a beautiful folk track with a poetic force. The chorus see's him extend into a higher register, almost classical with his defined tone - he paints the landscape of a beautiful night by the water. The soothing nature of the song stretches across 5 minutes 32 seconds effortlessly. Calling on the great Antony and the Johnsons and the late Jeff Hanson, both lyrically and vocally.

The album Sublime is out everywhere now.

Fantastic Mr Marcel & Gary Kazazian - Silk & Thunder

Silk & Thunder brought me to tears the first time I listened to it. A whisper in the nights sky turns into a cry of overcoming and liberation throughout the course of the track.

'It feels just like, Silk and Thunder' is one of the most beautiful expressions. The duality between light and dark, soft and heavy, quiet and loud; seemingly too much - Marcel Phokeerdoss chooses to let go. A heart-wrenching tale delivered in the most cinematic way. The orchestration behind the track steadily builds and layers with a deep Piano accompaniment from Kazazian, along with elements of ambient pads, fx and soundscapes. The production is like a chrysalis of tiny parts - the more you listen, the more you see and hear. The vocal delivery is truly stunning, you can hear the way Marcel is pushing his voice and the pain behind it.

Fantastic Mr Marcel's extended project Tiger In The Room: Blue Suit is available to stream here.

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