• Jamie Staples

Shay Lia - 'All Up To You'

One of the most promising artists to come from Montreal in the past decade is Shay Lia. Hot off the heels of last years 'Dangerous' album, she returns with the bubbling new single 'All Up To You'.

'Dangerous' was one of the most abrasive and bold debuts of last year, backed by singles and collaborations with Kaytranada and Stwo, Shay solidified her artist status with an encompassing and sonically diverse LP, filled with luscious harmonies and instrumentals that sounded like something playing out of a 1970's jazz club.

With 'All Up To You', Shay Lia takes the successful elements of the LP, the clean percussion, serene storytelling and heavenly vocals and throws them all into this summery jam. The lyrics persuade the listener to be as stronger as they can be, taking in the lows of life for all they are and focusing on the highs we encounter.

Stream the new track here:

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