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Sevdaliza - 'Oh My God'


Sevdaliza - ‘Oh My God’

“Oh My God” marks the first single of Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza’s as of yet untitled upcoming project. 

It encapsulates the fast paced hi-hats and sleek gliding flow of Trap music, with evident Trip-hop influence in the vocal composition and pitched guitars. Standing at 180bpm and 3:14 seconds, the song seems to take on melodically everything that is popularized in the current state of music. 

The genius of the song however lies in its political message, hidden in the depths of the Ariana Grande and Post Malone filled Spotify Top 40 playlists. If you are familiar with her previous work you’ll understand that the composition of her music represents a far larger message, sound is merely a vessel of expressing the presence of what Sevdaliza is as a project. The song comes during a difficult period for Iranian’s following an outbreak of protests in Iran in mid-November, as the turmoil of America’s interference with Iran mounts with the death of Soleimani and al-Muhandis, continuous air-strikes and opening a gate way for ISIS’ resurgence. 

The structure of the lyrics follow her philosophical and poetic way of writing, this time commenting on the interference in her mother country:

Oh my God Who should I be? What is it you want when you come for me?

The opening line can be read as a calling to God. However ‘Oh My God’ has in modern times and western influence, lost its significance throughout the course of pop culture, the religious sentiment has disappeared. Now, Oh My God as a statement refers to annoyance, shock, dismay, gossip and sarcasm in American parlance, along with the Acronym OMG, it has now become a pointless abbreviation, mirroring Sev’s thoughts and feelings towards the recurring problems of the Trump administration. The pitching of the vocals almost replicates the tone of ‘OMG’s’ mass western linguistic usage. 

The next lines show frustration towards what is happening and the targeting of Iranian civilians, questioning the true deeper motives of the attacks. The line ‘Who should I be?’ is in itself profound in this context, Sevdaliza moved from Tehran to Rotterdam at a very young age and she is fluent in Farsi, Dutch, English, French, and Portuguese, She holds a Masters degree in communications and is a pro-basketball player. Her chameleon nature is founded by her spirit. Her lifetime success and achievements have shown that there is no limit to what you want to be in life. She explained this in an article with The Fader as: “exploring other types of presentation, outside of the imagination of capitalism, as a way to repair.”

Every time, you're another evil Waiting for an angel that you bring to hell

The beauty in these two lines emerges from the pain of the political climate, Iran, a rich cultured heaven of angels - has become the warzone ridden hell. Somewhere unfit to inhabit, America has brought upon this countless times in the middle east and throughout the course of history, dating back to its own colonised past. Each time the face of it’s evil - a politician preaching change brings the country to a full circle demise.

A bold statement of identity is presented in the music video. 

Opening with Sev’s younger self unwrapping a casio piano, the video then delves into archival footage of performances, recitals and shows Sev took part in as a child. Cutting between videos of her on stage now and then the authenticity of her artistry and performance ability is sustained. In the face of adversity, her persistence and raw talent has brought her to where she is today. 

The lyric:

‘True that you're not alone’

Reigns ever present as the end of the video displays the cheering of ‘Sevda’ from her peers in the audience, just as is experienced at every one of her shows. Out now on Twisted Elegance.

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