• Jamie Staples

REO & ELSZ - 'Broken Open'

Producer REO has dropped the first track off of his debut EP 'FREE MUSIC', featuring the ethereal vocals and harp playing of ELSZ.

With a back catalogue of amazing production work as part of The Soundkillers, including work with BOSCO, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Teedra Moses and Devin Tracy, the New York based producer has spent years working on solo material for other artists seeing hits and success, on 'Broken Up' however, we see the true art of collaboration.

Featuring the melodic vocals and instrumentation of Sri Lankan artist ELSZ, the pair deliver a cinematic masterpiece. With an incredible build the spacious harp plucks and melody of ElSZ flutter over the first half of the track. It then falls into an array of bass and heavy kicks for the powerful chorus.

The production is effortlessly ambitious and original. If you close your eyes, the cinematic visions truly come to life - something almost expected from REO - who has spent his more recent years venturing into Video Direction and Design. It's single cover beautifully illustrates the harmonious connection of the pair, ELSZ pictured as a mermaid figure strumming the harp on a rock, surrounded by the waves of subtleties that fill the track - provided by REO.

'Broken Open' is out now on all platforms.

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