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Lianne La Havas - 'Paper Thin'

The second single off Lianne La Havas' forthcoming third album 'Courage', explores shared vulnerability on 'Paper Thin'.

The track opens with a bright jazz guitar riff, a simple walking bass and a subtle drum shuffle. Lianne's delicate vocals dance around the track, her songwriting capabilities in full force as she presses for someone to open up. Co-written by Aqualung and co-produced by Joe Harrison & Homer Steinweiss, the tracks serves as an elegant Soul tingled plea for vulnerability, through shared pain.

It is beautifully padded out, building with vocal harmonies and flawless riffs, pushing her vocal range fully over the 5 minute track. The simplicity is possibly what is most striking to listen to, minimal in its experimentation the riff changes so slightly its almost missable, however her tone on the song is something to send listeners into a dream like state. The pain and frustration is unmissable in her voice.

Paper-thin If you're trying to lose, you'll never win It's your life But you're not the only one who's suffering That's enough, I know you're made of better stuff Baby, you gotta roam free Please don't forget about me

The song serves as the second single from 'Courage', following the Soulful 'Bittersweet', the route for the next album seems to be much more mellow and mature in it's sound, allowing her songwriting to shine through.

'Courage' is available for Pre-Order now.

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