• Jamie Staples

Honouring SOPHIE's legacy

On the morning of Saturday 30th of January, SOPHIE passed away in Athens, Greece.

As artists go SOPHIE was someone who would stand out for decades to come. An icon in her own right, through music she rebelled against societal norms and outdated standards of what music should be, gender binary and requiring an image to be attached with music.

She looked into the future far beyond where everyone else was capable of seeing. In her own words:

"There's a huge amount of work to be done culturally and socially.

The gap between where we are now and I imagine where we could be and the places that our imaginations can take us are so far away from what we're presented with a lot if the time."

SOPHIE was a driving force for the underground genre of electronic music that so many lgbtq+ kids relate to nowadays, she provided a sense of escapism from reality and isolation.

From her early releases as an unknown face with PRODUCT or PC Music's QT project, to her breakout Grammy-nominated LP OIL OF EVERY PEARLS UN-INSIDE'S; she crafted work that not only shifted electronic music, but challenged the pop music landscape as a whole with her inventive sound.

An Artist that loved texture of sound and pushing it further and further to it's limits: there is nothing remotely close to her skills as a producer and I'm certain there will be no one else like her.

Today we lost a visionary.