• Jamie Staples

Gaelynn Lea - 'Rebuild'

American Folk Singer Gaelynn Lea has released the beautiful track, 'Rebuild' an Instrumental track that seeks to provide solace during the pandemic.

Gaelynn Lea has been using the Quarantine period to push herself musically. Almost weekly she's been performing across Social Media and Youtube via live stream concerts. As a touring artist in a genre that is often discarded by Streaming Services, Lea's live streams have helped her connect with her audience. Winning the Tiny Desk Concert in 2016, she's pushed for a change in the perception of disability representation within the industry itself - a testament to her own strength.

Rebuild spans 3 minutes and 53 seconds, across which she completely improvises a stunning composition - that evokes the sense of desperation and despair felt during this time. She recorded this winding, multi-layered instrumental using only her violin and Electro Harmonix Memory Man pedal - formulating a depth and core chorus behind the piece.

Gaelynn Lea also painted the cover art for this single, a candle - furthering the sense of hope needed during these times. She has been creating watercolors for stress relief while in quarantine during the Coronavirus. She hopes this meditative piece brings you a few moments of solace during this unusual and difficult time. This track was composed and performed by Gaelynn Lea, and recorded by Griffin Etchison at Millikin University in Decatur, IL.

Rebuild is available on Bandcamp now:

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