• Jamie Staples

Bitsu - 'BEBE'

Parisian rapper Bitsu has dropped the visuals for his new single 'BEBE':

Bitsu joins producer 20100 on the lead single from the follow up to his '1NuitAvecBitsu' project. His reverb-ed vocals flow against the reversed background synths, with sharp ad-libs.

Drugs and violence are a fundamental aspect of French rap, his flow however recounts that of someone tired and almost zoned out. "Tu me vois seul bébé", evokes a feeling of mystery and a high profile persona, his dominance on the track is undeniable.

The visuals roll like an 80s VHS horror movie end credits, switching between scenes of joints, girls and satanic rituals, directed by Daxx - the editing fits right in with the feel of the track.

Stream 1NuitAvecBitsu here:

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