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At the heart of Virile Music is a passion for global artist reach and sharing music. However in an era controlled by streaming, playlists have gone from personalised lists, to a competition of which 2 minute Tik-Tok friendly trap songs can grab your attention. 

We try to introduce new artists from all around the world and in different genres to each playlist, carefully select order and tone so you don't have to. 

New Music

Every Friday we look for the best new music - so you don't have to. Not limited to genre, we handpick the definitive releases from artists at the top of their game to those just starting out. To stay up to date on our Spotify playlist, follow here.

Best of: 2020

At the end of each year we review the top 20 best Songs, Albums and Artists released, the lists will be comprised from selections in this playlist. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for anything you've missed this year. We got you.

Songs To Think To 

During times like these reflection is key. Its something Music is amazing at bringing about, peace of mind. Featuring mellow beats and introspective lyrics, this is the kind of playlist best listened to in the bath, with candles around you. (Also doubles down as a self-care playlist if you think about it).



Beats influenced by the city, giving you that hyped up post-club feeling. Featuring heavy handed percussion, future synths and energetic vocals, this playlist is sure to get you hyper. 

Fa$hion Beats

We all want to be rich. But to tap into really feeling rich - it takes something else. It takes looking in the mirror and feeling bad as hell, walking down the street as if it were a catwalk. Now you have your strut playlist.

Eastern European Winter Strip Club

Do they exist? Have you been to one of those? Have you always wanted to?


Here you are:


Money Heist scenes in movies almost always feature a song that heightens the intensity of the situation, that panic induced state, sonically these styles of songs are hard to come by.

Falling In Love

Love is possibly the greatest feeling of all. The warm sense of belonging and being wanted is undeniable. This playlist aims to emulate that exact feeling, with lyrics describing exactly what it's like. Being in love with yourself is in no way narcissistic, it should be championed and praised, hopefully these songs make you realise your worth. 


Possibly one of the most important genres in todays musical era. Rhythm and Blues Music inspired every one of your favourite artists today.  


As a child I was never able to fully grasp the importance of Soul Music. It was our parents favourite genre and now I think it's clear to see why. These songs are timeless, unbound and undefined by time they exist purely as works of art.



We all know of the infamous anime girl sat studying in her room with her headphones on. YouTube put an end to that bliss, but worry not. In this playlist you can find your next favourite lo-fi tune. 


Getting it to this is amazing. Perfect for the awkward encounters, sensual and sexy.

Stoner Music


Roll one, put this on and drift offf.

We all need toc ry once in a while, this playlist will make you do just that.

World Music is one of the key focal points of our blog, the stigma around Foreign Language Music needs to be broken.

The importance of World Music is it's perspective. Experiencing a climate totally different. to our 


Best of: 2018/19

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