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About Virile Music

Virile Music is a music discovery site. A place to explore the depths and the best of releases globally, across genres, without negativity and bias. 

Artistic efforts should always be valued with the highest respect, here at Virile Music we look away from the wave of trends and super mainstream outputs, to spotlight artist's that truly follow their passion, championing those that show effort, willingness and artistic excellence. 

Created by me, Jamie Staples, the hopes of this blog is to, in many ways, act as a capsule for the songs I love and open my ears to new and exciting genres from around the world. My vision for the music industry is that whereby people will be able to see past language, ethnicity, sexuality, gender along with everything else - to be able to respect what makes an artist unique - their sound. 


If you are an Artist looking to submit your music for a blog post or playlisting please make sure you add the following:

  • Soundcloud & Spotify Link. Please don't send any files to the blog email.

  • Artist bio &  High Res Promo picture.

  • A little bit of background about the release, what the song means, the credits, the influences etc. Get creative!

  • Instagram handle.

​If you have all of this then send all submissions to: 


For all other emails and services use the form below. 

Thanks for submitting!